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Sweat For A Vet

Grades: 11th and 12th

Type: Awareness and philanthropy

Academic Goals: 

(Social studies) What challenges do veterans experience when transitioning to civilian life? 

(Leadership) In the Sweat for a Vet project, our leadership focus was showing the ability to collaborate productively with others.

(English) Research issues facing veterans using a variety of relevant primary and secondary sources, prepare questions for an interview with veterans to better understand their stories, compose promotional materials for the event, and reflect on the research project and event.


Description: Experts say that transitioning from high-stress combat war zones to a peaceful home environment can be the hardest part of military service.  According to a September 2019 Military Times article, we lost 17 veterans per day in 2017 to suicide. The goal of our 11th-12th graders is to improve the lives of our Veterans that served this great country. 


Our students partnered with CrossFit Oshkosh and Got Your Six K9s to host a physical challenge event on Veterans Day before school. Sweat for a Vet not only provides an opportunity for students and community members to connect while exercising but also raises money to Got Your Six K9s who train service dogs to help veterans cope with PTSD and other service-related injuries.


Project Question: What challenges do veterans experience when transitioning to civilian life?  

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