About Us


To transform students into engaged citizens who are prepared for college, career, and life.


To create a better community through content, communication, collaboration, commitment,

creative thinking, and critical thinking.

Classes through Communities

English Honors

In the Communities program, we integrate literacy into the curriculum through researching real-life issues, fostering effective reading habits, and writing for authentic purposes and audiences. We also demonstrate our literacy skills by creating social media posts.

Social Studies

In the Communities program we look at past and present events and then dive deeper into them. We've talked to war veterans to gain a better understanding about what happened and we analyze primary sources to extend our knowledge. We're proud that our learning goes beyond what a typical textbook would teach.


In the Communities program, we implement leadership by providing volunteer experiences in and out of school. We also have public speaking opportunities to build confidence and independence from our typical group work. Every Friday students have the opportunity to volunteer and speak at the Mid-Morning Kiwanis meeting to improve our leadership sand public speaking skills.



The 5C's in Communities


Critical Thinking

In neighborhoods, students participate in critical thinking activities. We solve upside-down puzzles, play word games, and other fun brain games.

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We use creativity to come up with exciting social media posts that capture the attention of community partners as well as media outlets, alumni, parents and students.



Every Monday we have a weekly sharer, in this share a student supplies information for which the rest of the neighborhood shares curiosities. These skills can be beneficial for job interviews.

The Communities Team 

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The majority of the things we do in Communities are group projects so you learn to work with people. We all have different ideas and work together to help us achieve our common goal.

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Commitment in Communities is following up with the things you say you'll do. This means getting your work done, showing up, and keeping yourself accountable.


Communities Program

Communities is split up between Communities 1 and Communities 2. C1 is our Freshmen and Sophomores while C2 is our Juniors and Seniors.

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C1 is mostly teacher lead while C2 students gain more independence. Juniors in C2 do their own project of choice by themselves with little direction from teachers. While seniors go out to local businesses for internships to gain valuable career experiences as they move past high school.  

Neighborhoods are a big part of Communities. Since we have so many students in Communities, each teacher has a neighborhood of about 20 students. We always begin our day here, it helps us create a more personal relationship with the teachers and fellow peers. Neighborhoods is where all of our fun activities take place before our classroom project time.

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