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Semester of Service Projects 

Grades: 11th

Type: The type of project ranges from advocacy, service, philanthropy, and awareness depending on the project.

Academic Goals: 

(Social studies) Take informed action on issues impacting the Oshkosh Community.

(Leadership) Semester of Service engages all our leadership standards.  These standards are presented and practiced and C1 in preparation for this semester of service.

(English) Practice research skills through careful analysis of a variety of sources, compose a formal research report of findings, develop questions for and speak with community experts, create authentic communications (media releases, radio spots, community presentations, etc.), reflect on one’s learning process and progress. 

Description: Semester of service projects, otherwise known as junior projects, are semester-long service projects. They are picked by voice and choice, the juniors are presented with 20+ opportunities and they pick a project that fulfills their skills and interests. The projects are led by one junior or a group of them. They learn how to collaborate with community partners and organize projects or tasks.

Project question: The project question depends on the need of the project.

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