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Children of War

Grades: 9 & 10th 

Type: Global and philanthropy

Academic Goals: 

(Social studies) What is the historical background of the Syrian conflict? 

(Leadership) Our Children of War project included the ability to collaborate with others while showing an understanding of cultural competency.

(English)  Study a global literary text, focusing on how the author’s geographic location, identity, and culture affect perspective and engage in text-based discussions to thoughtfully exchange and analyze ideas.



This project helped raise money and awareness to provide life-altering medical treatment for refugee children from Syria at the same time. Our students partnered with INARA, a relief organization based out of Beirut Lebanon. The students partnered with the Oshkosh Mid Morning Kiwanis to host a spaghetti dinner before a varsity boys basketball game. The event raised $5,600.

Project question: Why should we help children impacted by war?

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