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Welcome Families

Communities Program

Communities is split up between Communities 1 and Communities 2. C1 is our Freshmen and Sophomores while C2 is our Juniors and Seniors.

sweat 4 a vet 4.jpg
sweat 4 a vet.jpg

C1 is mostly teacher lead while C2 students gain more independence. Juniors in C2 do their own project of choice by themselves with little direction from teachers. While seniors go out to local businesses for internships to gain valuable career experiences as they move past high school.  

Neighborhoods are a big part of Communities. Since we have so many students in Communities, each teacher has a neighborhood of about 20 students. We always begin our day here, it helps us create a more personal relationship with the teachers and fellow peers. Neighborhoods is where all of our fun activities take place before our classroom project time.

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