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The Traeger Elementary Energy Consumption Project is an educational awareness piece where high school students will be going into to K-5 classrooms to teach about energy consumption. Lessons will be made to teach students about energy consumption and ways of reducing it at Traeger Elementary as well as the extended-community around Carl Traeger.

Traeger Energy

The Partner

I am partnering with the Carl Traeger Elementary Green Team to make this project possible. The green team looks to improve the environment and reduce environmental impact at Carl Traeger Elementary and in the community by education, reducing waste, recycling, minimizing our carbon footprint, and improving health & wellness.   

The Project

The Need

As the amount of energy used in the world increases and as the environment health decreases, the need for a more healthy, green lifestyle also increases. According to the US Energy Information Administration, Wisconsin households use 15% more energy than the US average does. To combat this, high school students will be coming into classrooms, where -students will be taught about how to limit energy usage and energy consumption in order to get out the word and make Carl Traeger and the connected community a more green and healthy place.