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The Communities program has provided my son with a solid foundation to be successful in college, career and life. Nick is well-prepared for the demands of the 21st Century, and he will be an engaged citizen who will make a difference in his community

​-Kim Bauer

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I am a big fan of communities I think it has helped Kristen immensely! She has become more aware of ways to help in our community, she is confident and excited to take on projects. Communities has helped Kristen become a strong leader!

​-Jean Leonard

My older daughter, currently a Communities-2 student, is in her third year of the Communities program at ONHS. I have seen her grow in ways that a traditional classroom would not and could not have pushed her. She has developed communication skills in both the written, oral, and public formats. She has developed detailed research skills. And she has had the incredible opportunity to be a part of something larger in the community, giving back, and directly applying knowledge in a real-world setting instead of a virtual-created-mock setting (classroom).

​-Carey Molinski

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We are very pleased with the Communities program.  In just one year, there is a difference.   I can say that I have seen much growth both my son's public speaking/confidence and academics in those fields.  For family affects, I can say that I have also enjoyed participating with exercises involving parent input and feel that Tom is more open to bringing issues to us.  He shares a lot of what he has learned.  He is also very quick to volunteer his help with civic organizations.
In summary, this program does expand the student's confidence and growth with both his home life and in the community.  We are pleased.

​-Sandy and Mark Schmidt

“The students in the Communities Program are now the leaders in our school”

​-Jacqueline Schleicher (former Oshkosh North Principal)