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The Partner

Teen Safe Driving

Teen Safe Driving is an awareness based project looking to educate young drivers about the serious dangers of unsafe driving. From publicity to rewarding those who do the right thing driving. Teen Safe Driving will promote safe driving habits and look to reducing teen related accidents in our county.

The Need

According to AAA, nearly 2/3 of people injured or killed in a teen driver crash are people other than the driver. Because of teenage driver tendencies, WATCH is looking to get students to understand the dangers of unsafe driving by promoting awareness around the Winnebago county. At Oshkosh North High School, Teen Safe Driving plans to advocate the correct driving etiquette to young new drivers ensuring their safety on the roads.

The Project

Winnebago Area Teen Coalition for Health (WATCH) is a community led group that looks to promote safety and health towards the youth in our community. WATCH is supported by the Winnebago Sheriff''s Dept., Thedacare, Children's Hospital of Milwaukee, Oshkosh PD, and Neenah PD. The coalition has grown to include 6 schools: Oshkosh North High School, Oshkosh West High School, Neenah High School, Winneconne High School, Omro High School, and Menasha High School. WATCH participates in P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth), an annual program focused on empowering students to make safe choices.