"Going into my internship I was almost certain that Architecture was something I wanted to do, but this experience validated my slightest uncertainties of the career. We were downtown at an old school building taking measurements and brainstorming ideas for a historic apartment remodel. Projects like these are ones that lead me to believe that this is the career path for me." - Lynsey Domiter, RH Design Build

Senior Internships

"The majority of my work involved using my skills as a writer to create public service announcement scripts, each of which I would recite to be put on the radio. I wrote scripts for the 2019 Oshkosh Choraliers Annual Concert, Bird Fest 2019, The 2019 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, and more." - Jacob Leonhardt, Oshkosh Media

At the beginning of the second semester, seniors learn where they will be placed for a ten-week job shadow or internship experience. Seniors express that the people they meet, observations they make, and projects they undertake help prepare them to make a more informed decision about their career aspirations.  

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"I was able to work with two of my past teachers, Mrs. DePaoli and Mrs. Wuest. These two women inspired me to follow a career path in teaching which made working with them and learning from them a wonderful experience. While at the school, I assisted in first and third-grade rooms and this only solidified my passion for working with primary grades. One of my favorite memories was teaching a student how to tie her shoes and having her come up to me the next week to show me she remembered. This is my opinion is the essence of teaching and the reason for it, being able to see the impact you have on students is the most rewarding aspect. - Breanna Kluz, Read Elementary 

"At Hometown Pharmacy, I had the opportunity to shadow JJ, the pharmacist, and both of the pharmacy technicians there. The amount they value their patients was very obvious to me during the time I spent there. They cater to each patient's individual needs and make taking their medications much easier for them. They also use their knowledge of vitamins and supplements to help their patients use fewer medications. This type of dedication to patient care is something that I would like to be able to do in my future occupation as well." - Mathena Higgins, Hometown Pharmacy

"The most unique experience I had was in the training room the Monday after the Highway 41 mega-crash that involved 119 vehicles. I watched officers and detectives attempt to put pieces together and figure out the details of the crash. This experience made me realize that police work is more than just being on the road and stopping crime. It involves behind the scene work and collaboration which can often be a long and tedious process. - Braden Christie, Winnebago County Sheriff's Office

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"I was able to build my network in the area of IT, and getting familiar with actual programs used in the industry, like Epicor, validated my desire to continue in the IT course of study. " - Ethan Hinderman, Quality Paints and Coatings