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Shown above is a combination of parents and members of the Oshkosh School District giving feedback to the Communities 2 students' mission and vision statements for their Media Kit Project.

What is Communities?

​▪ Increases student engagement

▪ Increases desire to learn, act, and accomplish more

▪ Increases passion (Greater engagement leads to better outcomes)

▪ Enhances skills in preparation for college and the work force

​All of the projects that we engage in fall within the following categories:

▪ Awareness (Educating others to change behaviors)

▪ Service (Making an impact through volunteerism)

▪ Advocacy (Changing policies and laws)

▪ Philanthropy (Generating and donating financial and in-kind support)

Communities is a school program, not a charter school.  We are part of Oshkosh North and are held to the same standards as the traditional English, social studies, social media, and leadership classes.  The difference between traditional classrooms and Communities is how we engage with and learn course content. Essential content is intertwined within our projects; we learn through action by tackling issues with experts in local, national, or global communities.  After the conclusion of a project, we hold seminars, which are used to teach essential content that cannot be intertwined in a community project.  The seminars, like projects,  incorporate communication, collaboration, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills as well as self-directed learning opportunities.


I am a big fan of communities I think it has helped Kristen immensely! She has become more aware of ways to help in our community, she is confident and excited to take on projects. Communities has helped Kristen become a strong leader!

​-Jean Leonard

“The students in the Communities Program are now the leaders in our school”

​-Jacqueline Schleicher (Oshkosh North Principal)

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