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Link Crew has been a student-led organization at Oshkosh North since 2016.  Proudly wearing their bright blue shirts,  these 80 Link Leaders assist the incoming freshman with their transition by informing and connecting with them in smaller learning communities.  This organization is led by Mrs. Kim Gauthier who is the Leadership teacher within the Communities Program at Oshkosh North.

The Need

A recent article in the AASA, the School Superintendent Association, states that there is an increasing percentage of adolescents that are not graduating from school in four or even five years. Some of this can be attributed to 9th graders not getting off to a good start, resulting in an increase in freshmen failure rate. Hence, the purpose for Link Crew to be present in their first semester of high school creating a connection to this new environment.

The Project

The Partner

Link Crew

More Information

Link Crew is a national movement, a part of the Boomerang Project. The main focus of this project is to help freshman with the transition from middle school to high school. The Boomerang Project is in almost 4,000 schools worldwide and affects close to 2 million freshmen each other.