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The Need

The Project

We are partnering with the Oshkosh Parks Department and Jason Higgins of the Wisconsin DNR. The Parks Department has approved for us to place a life jacket loaner kiosk at the Rainbow Memorial Park boat landing. Jason Higgins works as a Conservation Warden with the Wisconsin DNR. Jason has been a Warden with the DNR for the past 17 years and has worked in Oshkosh since 2004.

Life Jackets

More Information

The Partner

Known as the "Kids Don't Float Program" the Life Jacket Loaner Program began in Homer Alaska 1996. Wisconsin started the program in 2012. There are currently 104 Life Jacket Loaner Kiosks in Wisconsin. There are several in the communities around Oshkosh yet Oshkosh has none. We are trying to bring the first Life Jacket Loaner Kiosk to Oshkosh

According to the Wisconsin DNR's Annual Boating Report, the number one boating citation in 2017 was a failure to provide a proper number of personal floatation devices for all the people on the boat. Our goal is to reduce the number of people going out on the water without a sufficient amount of life jackets by providing Oshkosh's first Life Jacket Loaner Kiosk at Rainbow Memorial Park. Overall, making our waters safer. 

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