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Communities is partnering with Lindsay Hermsen and Mackenzie Wissink, a fifth grade teacher and a behavior interventionist at Washington Elementary School, to facilitate the second year of the Helping Hand Program.

The Project

The Helping Hand Program helps families that struggle to obtain basic necessities by providing them with monthly supplies. Approximately once a month, an ‘order form’ is sent home with every student that allows families to check up to 3 items that they need the most. This program reassures that students can focus on education and not have to worry about other needs at home.

A recent DPI report states that 60%-70% of students at Washington Elementary School are approved for free and reduced lunch. Since they are struggling to afford a meal at school, this also means that they are struggling to obtain other necessities at home. According to Mackenzie Wissink, a behavior interventionist, mentions that students of families who have received help in the past have been able to learn better. Donations of hygiene products, clothing, and nonperishable food items as well as money are accepted.