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The Project

With Damascus Road, we are bringing awareness to the issue of sex trafficking by educating the public with an education night, self defense sessions during our Excel period in the school day and a fundraiser dinner night. Our Human Trafficking 101 education night was on May 7th, from 6:30-8 PM in the ONHS auditorium with Damascus Road, we had about 50 people in attendance to learn and make an impact! Our fundraiser night is on May 14th at Benvenuto's from open to close, all proceeds will go to Damascus Road.

The Need

The Partner

More Information

Check out some local media coverage we got, here!

According to the Wisconsin Office of Crime Victim Services, child sex trafficking has been identified in every single county in Wisconsin. The main reason that sex trafficking, in general, is high in Wisconsin is because people aren’t educated about traffickers and what to look for. We partnered with Damascus Road to change that.

Damascus Road is a nonprofit organization helping victims of sex trafficking along their journey to restoration. Their goal is to educate, locate and advocate about sex trafficking, hoping to put an end to it.