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Contiki Cares

Plastic bags and different types of plastic film, such as those from cereal boxes or bread bags, can last up to 1000 years in our environment. Our planet as a whole needs to reduce our plastic consumption enormously. As well as recycle single use plastic into usable everyday items. 

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Contiki Holidays is the world's leading travel company for 18-35 year olds. Their goal is the connect young travelers to the time of their lives through life changing social travel experiences. In addition they strive to limiting their footprint in the places they visit and giving back to the communities that their travelers go.Concise message about the partner goes here.

The Project

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Contiki Cares is a project aimed at teaching youth about the harms of plastic. We will be going into 5th grade classrooms to have a plastic collection throughout the Oshkosh Area School District.

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