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Communities 9th and 10th graders visited local businesses and spoke to employees about engaging in the Fox Valley Bike Challenge as a way to promote healthy competition and a positive work culture. 

Marty from B104.7 visited our biking pit stops, and he broadcast live in the process!

Bike Osh

Communities student Travis Jumisco speaks on a local radio station about the pit stops available for the community biking day.

Page created with the help of Lauren B., Hailey C., and Travis J. 

Some students engaged in biking for fun over the weekend, which resulted in stronger relationships and an increase in healthy habits.

Communities 9th and 10th graders investigated the history of biking as well as its positive impact on people and the environment. We also analyzed the Transcendental literary movement in order to develop a deeper connection with nature.

We partnered with the City of Oshkosh and Winnebago Bicycle, and we helped raise awareness about the benefits of biking, including the health, economic, and environmental benefits. 

“BikeOsh is a bike themed event that strives to promote healthy living, local businesses and safe biking practices in the City of Oshkosh.  Through the successful collaboration of many community groups our first BikeOsh was a success, we hope to replicate that success in 2017 for National Bike Month this May. “ - Alexa Naudziunas, Assistant Planner

Ben Rennert, of Winnebago Bicycle, shared his personal and professional ties to the biking lifestyle, and his bicycle shop, Winnebago Bicycle, served as one of the pitstops on our community biking day.

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