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Oshkosh area school district

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A different way of learning

Mr. Weber

Communities Co-Founder and Literacy Instructor

Meet Our Staff

MR. Leib

Communities Co-Founder and Social Studies Instructor

MRs. Bougie

Communities Literacy Instructor


To create a better community through content, communication, collaboration, commitment,
creative thinking, and critical thinking.


City of Oshkosh Partner of the Year

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MS. Dumke

Communities Co-Founder and Coordinator 

founding of communities

Communities is the product of Richard Leib, Julie Dumke, Brad Weber, and Oliver Schinkten. The program was founded to help students learn content differently than in the traditional classroom. Communities students learn content through real-life application, pairing with local businesses and partners to help solve community problems.

About Us

MRs. Gauthier

Communities Leadership Instructor

To transform students into engaged citizens who are prepared for college, career, and life.